Yacht Charter Agreement Form

15. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: If the OWNER and the CHARTERER are unable to resolve any disputes that may arise in connection with the Charter or this Agreement, such dispute shall first be submitted to mediation before a mediator mutually agreed upon by the CHARTERER and the OWNER, the costs of the latter being shared equally between the parties. Mediation shall be conducted in accordance with the rules on which the parties may agree and, in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, either party may have recourse to an action under paragraph 16. 6.2.3 In the event that the Owner is able to re-erect the Ship for all or part of the Charter Period, the Owner will credit the net amount of the Charter Rent resulting from the new charter up to the value of the final payment. The owner shall make all reasonable efforts to rehabilitate the ship and shall not unreasonably refuse to consent to re-election, although charters that can reasonably be considered prejudicial to the ship, its reputation or its schedule may be refused. “Payment for Fuel and Accidental Damage” means the non-refundable payment for accidental damage or loss of the ship and ancillary equipment, as well as loss or damage to a third party yacht involved in an accident with the ship. Includes fuel up to a specified value< 1.1 The owner leases the bareboat charter and the charterer leases the vessel for the charter period for charter costs. Delivery / Return: The charterer undertakes to embark and exit at the ports specified in this Contract. The charterer must deliver the yacht to the OWNER free of debts incurred during the charter period on behalf of the charterer and in good condition at the time of delivery, with the exception of reasonable wear and tear resulting from normal use.

If, during a sailing day (8.m a.m at 5:.m .m p.m.), the yacht is out of service for more than 6 hours after notification from the base, NYCSS will refund the lost charter time. The warranty includes the engine, gearbox, sail, rigging, battery and alternator. Excluded from the warranty are cooling, heat, CD player, rubber dinghy and outboard as well as all other elements that do not prevent the use of the yacht. 5. FORCE MAJEURE: Force majeure is defined as any cause due to force majeure, accidents, natural disasters, weather conditions or other events beyond the reasonable control of the OWNER and not caused by the negligence of the OWNER. No guarantee is given as to the adequacy of the weather in relation to this charter. .