The Four Agreements Christian Review

“1: Be blameless with your word.” Jesus always said what came to his mind. He always told the truth. I`m not talking about “white lies” to help others, nor am I talking about “dark truths” that are supposed to hurt others by telling them real facts just to hurt them. To me, this agreement seems to be what the Second and Ninth Commandments speak of. I know I`m not perfect. I know that I have sinned in my past, and I know that I will sin in the future, even if I will try to live according to the Word of the Lord. For me, being blameless with my word means I can admit that I am not perfect. It`s a statement that some people don`t want to say, for whatever reason. The truth is that Jesus is our Lord, he is part of the Holy Trinity (or at least, as Muslims see, an almighty and powerful prophet). To say that another God is the only true God (in some religions there may be several gods) is a lie.

My mother is a Roman Catholic, but she believes in energies, she recharges her crystal in the moonlight, and so on, even because she was born a Christian-Catholic. We have the painting “The Divine Mercy of Jesus” in our living room, but it is hidden next to our television, in a place where almost no one can notice it. In the fall, she hung a Hindu/Buddhist painting that was given to her by her boyfriend. I know she had a hard life (my father divorced her while she was trying to keep the relationship going). She has endured so much pain in her life that she is attached to any hope she can find. I believe that she knows deep within that only faith in Christ can help her, but she is far too desperate to get out of her worries, to ask for God`s help or to wait for His help. In my case, between the age of 13 and 18, I always said that God was not real, that there was nothing after death, but I always knew that something was wrong with my faith. So why should an altar boy believe that God is not real? I was too desperate, I believed that life was not real, and I didn`t think I would ask God for help. It became so bad with my loneliness that I admitted that God could be real, and I asked for His help when I prayed.

I asked him to help me out of depression, I asked him to give me someone who would understand me or help me overcome my pain. I know God understands my pain, but at that moment I didn`t feel it. To show me that He is real, God sent me a friend or helped me get one (indirectly by manipulating the circumstances). He saw how bad my state of mind was, he knew what to do, and because of His divine mercy, he helped me. He sent me a friend who helps me through difficult times, to understand me, to help me, and I can only thank God for that. I always say that God exists when people question my faith, but I also recognize that I am not the perfect Christian I should be or that my beliefs may be wrong. That is what this agreement is about – we should say what we think and what we think is true. We are not perfect, we are not sinless.

Jesus protected prostitutes from being stoned to death, and He made everyone admit the truth that they are not without sin.