Supplementary Agreement Auf Deutsch

Subsidiary agreement, jurisdiction, applicable law Please use the standardised amendment (see downloads). There are agreements with the following supplementary insurance companies: At the time of the signing of the social security agreement concluded today between the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany, the agents of the two Contracting States agreed on the following points: Alpiq today signed an agreement on the sale of its stake in Società Elettrica Sopracenerina SA (SES). Additions or modifications to the imputation contract may be made up to four weeks after the start of studies at the host school. This group includes the two supplementary health insurers, in particular Supra Assurances SA and Assura SA, as well as other companies active in the compulsory health insurance activity that is not supervised by FINMA. Alpiq adopted, on 29 May 2013, it announced that it had signed an agreement to sell its stake in SES (60.89%) to SES Holding SA (formerly PRH Holding SA). • Loss of 227 jobs in the Amberg region • GRAMMER AG and IG Metall agree to early termination of the amendment • Capacity adjustments result in the loss of 1,000 jobs worldwide since the beginning of the . 12.1 Ancillary agreements must be in writing. Amendment on the distribution of income from the SNB`s free assets FINMA has found that Supra Assurances AG, which operates under the aegis of Divesa AG and is active in supplementary health insurance, is over-indebted. FINMA is therefore initiating bankruptcy proceedings. The Board of Directors of PUMA SE announced today that Franz Koch will resign by mutual agreement at the end of March 2013 from his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of PUMA and member of the Executive Committee of the PPR SA Group, the largest shareholder of PUMA SE.

In so far as German law does not already provide for this, the liaison body responsible for the employees` pension insurance scheme is responsible, under that system, for determining and granting cash benefits, with the exception of medical, vocational and supplementary rehabilitation benefits, provided that Tsingtau itself has evolved from a modest fishing village to a town of 70,000 inhabitants (1914) built as a German model city. The approval of this agreement is provided for by a supplementary agreement to your employment contract. Oral orders and ancillary agreements are only valid if we confirm them in writing below. This is contrary to both the Oranienplatz agreement (March 2014) and the complementary Ohlauer street (July 2014). Under your partnership contract with Infomaniak Network SA, the following paragraph is added to your contract: Other oral agreements, divergent or complementary agreements are only binding with written confirmation. In addition to the Tsingtao region, Germany had secured railway and operating rights for Shandong in a supplementary agreement. Other oral, divergent or supplementary agreements are binding only by written confirmation. b) The general terms and conditions of the client are only binding on the translator if he has accepted them in writing. .