Amazon Seller Business Solutions Agreement

The second paragraph is the same as the old Amazon Business Solutions agreement and it is actually said that by using Amazon`s services, you somehow agree that this is the deal. There are no changes, and if Amazon updates them, you will be responsible for these updates. There is no bargaining capacity. It is a simple contract of responsibility, that is, we take it or we leave it. So in other businesses like banks and finance, if you`re a real estate agent and you`re filling up your credit because of a divorce or death in the family, you know your job is in danger. I`m a little worried that Amazon could do this to sellers as an escape process. The answer to the question of which agreement regulates the relationship between Amazon and Amazon sellers is probably this: the Business Services Agreement probably regulates. If you or any of your related companies choose to provide us with or provide us with suggestions, comments, ideas, improvements or other information or other feedback related to or related to an Amazon website or Amazon service (including related technologies), we are free to use, disclose, reproduce the above information or materials in any way. , modify, concede, transfer and distribute by other means. In order to cooperate with requests from the authorities, protect our systems and customers, or ensure the integrity and operation of our business and systems, we may access and disclose any information we deem necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited, to user contact data, IP addresses and traffic information. , usage history and published content. When we make proposals on the use of services, you will be responsible for all the measures you take based on our proposals. Paragraph 3 of Amazon`s terms of use deals with the terms and conditions of sale, as they concern Amazon sellers and get the reinstatement of suspended sellers by writing an action plan or call from Amazon.

Amazon TOS said that any Amazon account could be suspended at any time for any reason. Well, paragraph 3 changed that…. Or did he? CJ Rosenbaum breaks the new TOS. Welcome to Amazon Services Business Solutions, a suite of optional services for sellers including: Selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Advertising, Transaction Processing Services and Selling Partner API. S-1.2 Product List; merchandising; Order processing. We allow you to list your products on an Amazon website and merchandising and promote your products in accordance with the agreement (including through Amazon Associated Properties or other features, features, advertisements or programs on or in connection with Amazon`s website). We may use mechanisms that evaluate your products and performance as sellers or allow buyers to make these comments and comments available to the public. We provide you with order information for each order of your products via Amazon`s website. We also receive all sales proceeds on your behalf for each of these transactions, we have exclusive rights to them and will transfer them to you in accordance with these terms and conditions for Amazon Service. We may allow some customers to place invoiced orders for your products, in which case the transfer of sales products may be delayed in accordance with each customer`s billing conditions. You accept and complete invoiced orders in the same way that you accept and fulfill unbilled orders, unless otherwise provided for in this Agreement. To start the registration process, you need to complete the registration process for one or more services.

The use of services is limited to parties who are legally able to enter into and enter into contracts in accordance with existing legislation (for example). B the chosen country cannot allow minors to use the services). As part of the application, you must give us your legal name (or your company), your address, your number